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The Cyrus TTP and our experience.

The Cyrus TTP and our experience.

The Cyrus TTP Turntable, with Cyrus design and technology it really does strike with its sleek looks. With Classic Cyrus technology using a solid aluminium plinth machined from a single aluminium billet, the listening experience is unparalleled for the price point. The TTP Turntable uses a belt drive motor meaning you get exceptional speed stability, and the WOW and Flutter is extremely low. This can be upgraded further using the PS-XR2, giving the TTP the cleanest signal possible and making the listening experience far superior. The Cyrus TTP Turntable is equipped with a high-quality Rega tonearm. The tonearm's unique design reduces tracking errors, Audiophiles can revel in the lifelike sound that this combination brings to their favorite records. The TTP Turntable doesn't just excel in audio quality; it also offers versatile connectivity options. With unbalanced outputs, users have the flexibility to integrate the turntable into a wide range of audio systems.

Now onto the unboxing of the turntable, first picking up the box comes at a shock at it weighs a whopping 36KG! Once the box is moved and opened, we experienced an unboxing like no other, with well thought out packaging design and a handy packing list on the underside of the lid. Meaning we knew exactly what we needed to find when assembling the turntable, this took minutes with the heavy platter being installed and the belt wrapped around it. We then moved onto fitting our choice of cartridge which we would recommend to customers when purchasing the TTP, The Ortofon 2M Black. With this being the Flagship cartridge from the Ortofon 2M range you can see why it was an obvious choice for the TTP, with a Fine Shibata diamond you get the most accurate sound possible when listening to your records. This mixed with the accuracy of the TTP is a match made in heaven.

This is the ideal turntable for the Cyrus owner, with design aspects taken from the Classic Cyrus design it's guaranteed to fit in with your system. With the aggressive angles on the front and classic Cyrus button's for the speed and power. 

The PSX-R2 is the perfect upgrade for the TTP, using a 300va toroidal transformer ensuring your Turntable is getting the cleanest power supply possible. Meaning you get a cleaner signal path and a lower noise floor. 

Contact us today if this would be of any interest or if you'd like to discuss any of our products further!

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