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What’s new from Yorkshire AV, including new products and some amazing deals.

What’s new from Yorkshire AV, including new products and some amazing deals.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year from the team at Yorkshire AV.

As always, a little update from the store with new products now in stock and available to demo in store or at home.

We have some discount codes too for speaker/amplifier bundles, money off cables and some great trade-up offers too.

If we can assist in any way - please don’t hesitate to call us for the best pricing we can offer, support and advice on hifi and home cinema solutions.

Our new demo room is packed full of some seriously lovely toys, as well as our showroom area now laid out with great combinations for you to explore.

Elevate Your HiFi Experience

We're thrilled to present our latest addition to our Pre/Power Amplifier offering - the Leema Acoustics Graviton and Neutron. Years in the making - this combination is engineered in Britain for an unmatched audio experience, this product is a must-have for all audiophiles looking to move into the world of separates at a reasonable price. 

Priced at £1500 each, or £2800 for the pair - a truly capable offering at an exceptional price!

Save up to 20% off certain Neat Acoustics Strata speakers

Get in touch with us today to explore the exciting trade-up options available across our impressive range of Neat Acoustics.

Neat Acoustics offers high-quality loudspeakers, made in Durham. With a trade-up promotion from Yorkshire AV, you have the opportunity not only to upgrade your current equipment but also to get a great value deal if your current speakers are aged and have little resale value.

We’re offering 20% off Ekstra, Majistra, Orkestra and 15% off Ministra loudspeakers until the end of January!

Contact us to arrange your trade up now!


Dali Rubicon trade up offer

Take advantage of our special offer on the DALI Rubicon range.

Save 20% off all products when you trade in your old loudspeakers.

This offer is a fantastic opportunity to upgrade your audio equipment to award winning loudspeakers, available in a wide range of finishes and options for both 2 channel and AV enthusiasts!

This offer runs until June 2024 - so plenty of time to build a system up slowly too!


Now introducing Chord cables!

We're thrilled to have Chord Cables join the Yorkshire AV family!

Made here in the UK, Chord are a brand many customers will likely have experienced in their systems at some point.

Excellent build quality, incredibly customisable as far as termination and lengths are concerned and of course, each range offers the listener improved performance.

In store we have the Clearway, Shawline and Epic cables to demo and the entire range available online. Contact us for bespoke requirements or a full loom.

Upgrade your loom with us and save 10% off the upgrade no matter the age and condition of your current cables.

This offer is available until the end of March.


The all new iFi Diablo 2.

Unveiling the latest innovation from iFi Audio, the Diablo 2.

It's the newest member in our extensive range of high-quality headphone DAC Amplifiers. Designed with cutting-edge technology like the  XMOS 16-Core chip which takes care of the USB processing, Diablo 2 promises to deliver an immersive audio experience like never before.

Crafted for audiophiles, it features unparalleled sound quality that will undoubtedly take your listening sessions to a whole new level either at home in a fixed desktop system or on the go.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting addition to our product line-up with an in-depth YouTube video going live shortly!


Last but not least the Cyrus TTP turntable

Cyrus, a renowned name in the audio industry here in the UK, has recently embraced the growing trend of analogue music.

They've made this shift apparent with the introduction of their latest product, the TTP.

This turntable is a testament to Cyrus's commitment to delivering superior audio experiences, maintaining their industry leading aesthetics and extending their range of British built HiFi components.

The TTP is a mass loaded turntable, precision machined from solid aluminium blocks, the plinth and platter are extremely stable for superb vinyl playback capability, while the lightweight Rega arm provides an excellent mounting point for your choice of cartridge.

The synchronous motor has a custom-designed digital control circuit, ensuring very low wow and flutter with exceptional speed stability and can be upgraded with the addition of a PSX-R2 PSU too.

Save 10% off any cartridge when purchasing the TTP through Yorkshire AV too. In store - we’re running a 2M Black LVB250 cartridge/stylus, a stunning combination into the i9-XR!


Discount Codes

In addition to our trade up offers above, you can save further below:

Save 10% when you buy a pair of speakers and amplifiers online throughout January with code “JANBUNDLE

Get a FREE upgraded phono cable when you buy any Phono Stage and Turntable throughout January, saving up to £199. No code required for this offer.

Save a further 5% off our clearance section with code “CLEAR5

Save 10% off all headphones when buying with any headphone DAP/amplifier with code “HEADFIBUNDLE

As always - we’ll do our very best to price match - so if you see something elsewhere which you’d like to purchase through us, contact us to discuss.

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